Day 8: Baby Stores, Feeding Rooms, and Another Piece of Gear

Today was another nice day out with the family – we strapped the baby on, and went to “MOKO“, the mall in East Mong Kok.  It is packed on Sundays because the locals work 6 days a week and have Sundays off, but we navigated thru the crowds.

On one floor, there are tons of baby stores.  Very cool!  And one of the top floors, we found a baby store called Eugene Baby.  This is an amazing store.  They literally have the best variety of legitimate items that I have seen at a baby store (not just rows of toys).  A billion strollers?  Bottles in every brand?  Bottle warmers?  Food?  Good toys?  Things you need but haven’t even thought if it yet?  Anything else you might want?  YES!  So we enjoyed it and finally bought a bottle warmer.

The one we ended up with is an awesome little gem made by Babymate.  It is technically a “5 in 1” – it warms bottles, warms food, disinfects bottles, boils eggs, and extracts juice.  (To be honest, on those last 2, I think they were just looking for something to do with a few extra plastic pieces they had at the warehouse 😉 )  Nonetheless, it works great, and I like that it can keep a bottle warm for hours, so you can plan ahead a little if you need to – for example if the little guy will be hungry when he wakes up from his nap, I can get it ready and not worry if he sleeps a little longer than I anticipated.

the greatest bottle warmer ever made
the greatest bottle warmer ever made

While we were in the store we noticed we needed to feed and change the little guy (it was earlier than planned).  So, I took a chance and asked if they had a feeding room, and to my surprise, they did!  I had not really seen feeding rooms here, but maybe this is because I have not been looking?  Later in the day I saw one at the mall near where we are living, too.  So currently I know about 3 feeding rooms in different parts of the city:

After the mall, it was time to go thru a market (Fa Yuen Market) and see if I could find a fanny pack.  I did not lie when I said in an earlier post that this was a weekend project!  And to my good fortune (and to fashion’s bad fortune), I found one for only 15HKD (16 sek, or 2 usd).  Victory!  There were a lot to choose from, and most with labels that were printed largely saying things like “EXPLORE” and “ORIGINAL”.  But I found a nice understated one that I am excited about.  I never thought I’d be excited about a fanny pack, but that’s how it goes.  I’m a dad now, I don’t have to worry about how I look, right?  Plus it’s 2015 and the 90’s are super hot right now, so why not embrace this part of the 90’s?  My wife is not quite as excited as me, but it blends in perfectly with the Baby Bjorn, so I think it’s going to be great.

fanny pack loaded with the essentials: 2 diapers, tissues, wet wipes, phone, wallet, metro card, and keys
seamless integration into the baby bjorn

There was also a long discussion about if we should leave the Joolz Day stroller back in Sweden next time we go back because it is very big, and buy a smaller one here.  So that is on our minds as we head into the next week.

too big for the crowded streets of Hong Kong?

3 thoughts on “Day 8: Baby Stores, Feeding Rooms, and Another Piece of Gear

  1. CJ says:

    Just read through all of this while running my hand over Carly’s (my wife) stomach. I can’t wait to experience all the “phases” yet to come. maybe I’ll be proactive and start looking for a fanny pack now!


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