Day 332: throwing the diaper away

The little guy has new tricks that he’s picked up every day.  One of my favorites is this one he’s had for the last week: throwing away his diaper.

Basically we use diaper bags (actually we buy dog poop bags and use them for diapers), and at the end of when we change the diaper, we put them in the bags.  Up until recently, we have always had to throw the diaper away ourselves, but now the little guy does that for us.

It’s super funny that he starts to whine when the diaper change is over, while I am tying the top of the bag.  And then I let him get up, and he takes the bag, walks to the door under the sink, pulls it open, and throws it away.  Then he closes the door and walks away.  It’s awesome!

There are so many funny things he is doing right now, and he learns so quickly, so you never know what’s around the corner.  As long as it is household chores that he insists on helping me with, then I will be happy 😉


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