Day 418: The Wonder of Bubbles

One thing that has become really fun to do with the little guy and his friends is play with bubbles.  They find them fascinating, and can run after them giggling until they catch them for quite a long time.  It’s such a pure an innocent thing to watch them playing like this, captivated by the whimsical way the bubbles float thru the air.  I love it!

In Hong Kong (and probably everywhere else, too), they sell relatively cheaply bubble “wands”, and also “bubble guns” – if you want to get fancy instead of the old school bubbles we grew up with.  I like these wands or guns more because they are not as messy and they make better bubbles.

If you’ve got a toddler, give it a shot with these, it’ll be a huge hit – just be ready for all the other toddlers in the vicinity to come running to join the fun – they’ve got a “bubble sense” that is amazing 😉

typical bubble wands – these are fantastic!
the kind I don’t use because they are messy and it’s not 1982


bubble guns – similar to what we have, but ours plays music and lights up

4 thoughts on “Day 418: The Wonder of Bubbles

  1. Oh I love bubble wands but they are SUCH a mess if the toddler gets his hands on the actual bubble mixture thing itself, and ends up tipping it out. I tend to tape it onto a pillar so that he can’t spill it, but bubble guns are probably the best thing for the job!

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    1. Yes! The little guy has been trying to reach for it so I think it’s a matter of time before the same thing happens to us with the bubble wand. The guns are great but they can be messy too if you don’t rinse them right away when you finish!

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