Day 3: Taking Care of Business

After dealing with the initial “start the day” routines, it was time to make the journey with the baby to meet my wife for lunch.  We had made a plan this first week of her being back at work: the baby and I would go visit her during her work day and have lunch with her – to prevent it from being too emotionally draining for her and him, since they have spent virtually all day, every day together since his birth.  She had told me in that time when I was working and she was at home with him that leaving the house can basically be seen as an accomplishment since it is a big process.

She was right, but I will say I am proud of myself for all the things I accomplished while out:

  • Went for a nice long walk in the mall before the shops were opened (they open at 12 in this mall.  12:00!)
  • Took out cash at the atm
  • refilled the octopus card for the metro
  • took the metro and changed lines (lots of elevator time)
  • purchased lunch for us (on the 3rd floor of a building with no elevator – in hindsight, not the smartest option)
  • bought a sim card for my phone
  • Fed the baby, changed the baby, played with the baby, read to the baby

Ok, the above list is not that impressive when I look at it.  But I am leaving it in this post because I want to highlight what was once a list of easy and simple things to do is now considered an accomplishment.

When you are pushing a baby around in a stroller in a city like Hong Kong, it is like navigating a mine field full of people, carts, trollies, and so on – so I learned a big lesson on “stroller vs baby bjorn”.

Today I took the stroller, and then we went out for a few things together as a family and I attached him into the baby bjorn and walked with him.  MUCH easier with the baby bjorn.  So I think unless I am going on a very very long trip, it’s raining, or we plan to be gone all day, it will be the baby bjorn.  The picture below outlines one of the many challenges of the day – try to navigate the setup they had with that stroller!

hmmm.  maybe we don't go to this restaurant.
hmmm. maybe we don’t go to this restaurant.

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