Day 7: Maintaining a “normal life”

Today we had a nice day as a family: we went looking at apartments again, then a day in Hong Kong central at a few malls looking for some pajamas for the little guy and and enjoying the nice supermarkets.  In the exploration of the day we found an “American Supermarket” called A & M, and it was crazy to see things I have not seen or thought of since I moved to Sweden over 3 years ago (skinny cow snacks, for example) plus things I was pumped to see (pretzel m&m’s, chex mix, and Reese’s pieces, for example).

We made our way home and took the opportunity to get the house under control – unpack and put away final things, and make a proper dinner (lax, mathavre, & brocoli).  The afternoon and evening reminded me of the need to have some regularity in our lives – in a city of “irregular”; to make an effort to have “regular” – don’t eat food from restaurants all be time, spend time together as a family, do the important things together to stay connected and whole.  I guess you don’t need to hear from a person who is in HK about the importance of making those things a priority, but it maybe doesn’t hurt to have the reminder. 😉


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