Day 10: Baby Gyms and Baby Vomit

Today we enjoyed another day out and about, met the little guy’s mom and had lunch, and walked thru Sham Shui Po Market looking at all the options for electronics.  By the time we made it home, it was our son’s lucky day (after all, today is his 4 month birthday!): his baby gym had arrived!  Tjoho!

There are a billion options for baby gyms, from plastic-y and bright to natural and subtle.  We went somewhere in-between, with one that is a mix of developmentally good for the little guy (the maker says there are 17 developmental activities!), while at the same time we wouldn’t mind it being in our living room.  The toys are nice and soft and have all sorts of great features (music, rattles, etc). It’s called the “Treetop Friends Activity Gym”, made by Skip Hop.

The Skip Hop Treetop Friends activity gym is a big hit

So, when we arrived home and it was waiting for us, I was father of the year: I opened the packages and set up the gym while the little guy was in the bouncer.  Then I prepared a bottle just a little too warm, so it would be ready to eat in 5 min.  Finally, I put the little guy on the gym and watched him have the time of his life.  He loved the gym, and was laughing and swinging his arms.  Awesome!

Then it was time to feed him, and he ate the whole bottle, burped, and it was nap time.  Or was it?  He wouldn’t fall asleep, no-matter what I did.  So, I laid on my back and put him on my stomach and we played a bit.  He is learning about sitting up, so he loves this.  He then threw up.  It was a normal amount and I could catch it in my hands, so again I felt pretty awesome, like I was “on top of things”.  Then when I had him in the air over me, he puked.  Big time.  All over my shirt.  So the lesson here is that just when you think you have it all figured out, you can always get vomited on.  Or, maybe you shouldn’t play too much with a recently-fed baby. 😉

that’s a lot of vomit for a 4-month-old

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