Day 22: Massage and a New Promenade and Park

Today was a beautiful day with the humidity down and the temperature moderate – what a great day to go to Hong Kong island!  My wife got me the gift of a nice massage at a place in the mid levels called Iyara Prince’s Terrace Day Spa, and I traveled up there and enjoyed an hour massage.  It was a nice experience – the place is clean and nice, it is definitely a bit of an oasis amidst the hustle-and-bustle of Hong Kong.  During the hour it gave me time to reflect and let go – it was nice.

After the massage I met my wife and the little guy down along a promenade called Central and Western District Promenade (what a glamorous name!).  This is a great walk along the water, and it leads to Tamar Park.  It is an easy walk from the IFC mall (with the HUGE Apple Store), and considering how close it is to central Hong Kong, and how nice the weather was, I was surprised it was not busy.  If this were Sweden, there would be groups of people everywhere laying in the grass and soaking up the nice weather like lizards on rocks.  The promenade basically goes right past the big Ferris Wheel between the ferry terminals and the park.

Right behind the tent and the wheel, you find a nice walk along the water and some green
Right behind the tent and the wheel, you find a nice walk along the water and some green

While we sat there at the park, we looked around and noticed a group of 4 guys doing some fancy double-jumping with jump ropes, and a lot of small pods of “helpers” hanging out.  We also noticed behind us in the skyline that there was a big ugly building that looked very different amidst the other buildings – reminding us of the “square and imposing” aesthetic of the government buildings are in Beijing.  This was the area where all those protests were happening in 2014 and early 2015.  We enjoyed the time we were there in the park, imagining the not-too-distant future when the little guy wants to run around the grass 🙂

which one of these buildings looks like China's Goverment building?
Which one of these buildings looks like a government building for China?

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