Day 26: Charcoal Toothpaste

Last night at the supermarket I bought “Charcoal Deep Clean” toothpaste, made by Colgate.  I couldn’t resist.  Charcoal is basically the best natural ingredient for removing odor and pulling out impurities, and I already use Charcoal deodorant, and Charcoal face wash, so why not charcoal toothpaste, too?

On the box it claims it deals with cavities, plaque, gum care, sensitivity, tartar, enamel, staining, and bad breath.  Is there anything this toothpaste doesn’t do?!

So, what’s it like?  It is a great toothpaste, but who knows if that has anything to do with the charcoal, or if it is the super minty flavor.  All I know is it is better than the German Colgate we had, which is so bad I figure it must have been found at an old factory in East Germany and they decided to sell it anyway – and then my wife bought it.

Next step: charcoal toothbrush and charcoal cotton swabs.


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