Day 32: Grandma and Grandpa come to visit

We had some visitors arriving from the USA yesterday – Grandma and Grandpa (or as I call them, Mom and Dad).  Exciting!

As the little guy lived in Sweden until coming here, my parents have only been able to see him once, at Christmas.  I think I’ve noted that he was not really a happy baby for the first 2 months, so at Christmas he was a bit of an emotional roller coaster.  But now, at 4,5 months, he is a little more into the swing of things, and is usually more predictable and more of a pleasure to be around.

So, it is good timing for them to visit and do all the fun grandparent stuff with him (as much as they can at this age) – I think mainly it will be holding, playing, and reading, maybe some feeding, diaper changes ;), and bathing, too.

We will go do the tourist stuff while they are here too, although they are coming 1st to see the little guy, and 2nd as tourists.  But nonetheless, as you’ve read me and the little guy don’t really sit around the house all day anyway, so we can add in an excursion every day after lunch, and enjoy the neighborhood in either the mornings or dinner.

We are looking forward to enjoying their company – it is difficult to live so far away from my family in general (Sweden or here, it doesn’t matter), so it is really special to have them visiting.  Now for a little while they can see our little family, and be a part of it more than just from emailing, social media, or skyping.  Exciting!


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