Day 35: Seeing The Peak in Hong Kong

As my parents are visiting and it’s their first trip to Hong Kong, there are a few “must see” things on the agenda.  There are tons of lists for tourist stuff, but one that is at the top of every list is going to The Peak, and catching the view of the harbor and Kowloon in the distance.

I’ve been there a few times before over the years – my first time it was really cloudy so there was not much of a view.  The last time we had clear blue skies and not a cloud in sight.  It has been really cloudy and hazy lately and the forecast doesn’t look much better for the coming week aside from today and tomorrow, so we thought we would go for it.  Perfect: cloudy with times where the sun broke through.  Great views, not too hot, and a slight breeze.  All around, it was awesome.

not a bad way to see the city
not a bad way to see the city

How do you get there?  You can do a few different options:

  • Take the bus #15 or minibus #1 from Central
  • Take the Peak Tram from Central (exit J, then walk thru the park and up the hill past St. John’s Cathedral)
  • Take a taxi

We took the tram and it was 83 HKD (about 88 SEK and 10 USD), and that included a round-trip tram ride and admission to the 360 degree viewing terrace.  The downside is the wait for the tram ride – we waited for over an hour to go up and over 30 minutes to come back down.  The ride itself is cool and it doesn’t take long, so that’s probably why everyone was doing the same thing – it’s all part of the experience of going to the peak.

Once at the peak, there are tons of shops and restaurants (more than I remembered from the past), so it is more of a day trip to a shopping and eating place that also has some great views than just a trip to a spot to take a photo.  For example when we arrived, we had some tea, then went to the viewing area, then ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. (of course, this place is in tons of top tourist spots, so why not here too?!), then my mom bought a shirt at a shop, and then we left.  We could have done much more shopping, but somehow we were more focused on not getting stuck in line for another hour, and it was also getting very cloudy and dark.

And how did it go with the little guy?  If you read my earlier post about strangers and the baby, this would be an extension of that.  A lot of people were staring at him, especially when we were in line, and he was staring back and enjoying their company.  A lot of people were also taking photos of him and didn’t think we knew, and one guy even asked if he could take a selfie with him.  So, for some people, maybe he was even more popular than the views 😉


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