Day 37: Diapers

I would think that in 2015, there would be a few things that we have figured out.  One would be how to make stickers that do not leave sticky residue on the spot they were on (and then give them for free to Ikea to use).  Another would be how to make a diaper that a baby can sleep thru the night without the pajamas being wet in the morning or without the bed becoming wet.

I say this because our little guy can pee through even with the most expensive Pampers Super Duper Premium Take-Out-A-Loan-Before-You-Change-Each-Diaper diapers.  He is not literally peeing through them – after all, they do “absorb” it, but there is no way he can make it thru the night and be dry (as they advertise).  And, we are finding that since he rolls onto his side in the night, somehow his back and side get wet, so we have to change the sheet in the middle of the night.  As you have probably guessed, it is not very fun to do this at 2:30 in the morning.

Of course you have to make sure all the “technology” on the diaper is firmly in place if you want the diaper to work right.  Those “ruffles” along the edges of the legs must be ruffled out, and not tucked into the leg (especially a potential problem if he poops), and you really must make sure that everything inside the diaper is positioned correctly, too, or the diaper is useless.  So, when you change a diaper, what you are really doing is trying to align all the elements of a disposable high-tech piece of machinery.  And if you don’t do it right, you are going to end up at your luckiest with a wet onesie, and at the worst, a bit of a “situation” with poop everywhere.

In my long ago past, while in graduate school, I met the guy who invented the “strike zones” concept for the diaper industry – this is the idea that the diapers need the most absorbent materials where the waste comes out – of course, that makes sense, and it means a more flexible and less bulky diaper (otherwise all that absorbent stuff is thru the whole diaper).  So that’s pretty cool, right?  But the issue then is that the diaper does not have any absorbency in all the other places – like on the edges.  So if it gets twisted, or it isn’t tight enough, or the baby rolls onto their side while sleeping and gravity brings the pee to the side, then all that technology involved in the diaper is not going to do you much good.

We do not have a problem during the day, just at night – so, in the end, what we have decided to do is tighten the diaper a little more than usual and make sure the overlapping parts on the side are aligned as well as they can be.  If that doesn’t work, maybe we will have to attach some sponges to the sides.  Surely that will do the trick, right?


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