Day 41: Hong Kong Disneyland

Today we went to Hong Kong Disneyland!  YES!  🙂

My wife did not want to go, as she had heard that it is not worth going to, especially compared to Ocean Park, which more people recommend because it is bigger and has more rides.  But if you like Disneyland parks, which are special, unique, and altogether wonderful (in my opinion), then you cannot skip Disneyland when you are in Hong Kong.

To get there it is really easy no-matter where you are in Hong Kong.  You take the Tung Chung metro line (yellow line) towards Tung Chung, and get off at Sunny Bay.  Then you just take the Disney Line to the park (1 stop).  If you are in Discovery Bay like we are, you just take the DB302 bus from Discovery Bay to Sunny Bay and then the metro 1 stop – so it is super easy, and takes 25 minutes total to get to the park.

disney metro line window
window on the disney metro line

Since it is so easy to get there, and I am here at home with the little guy, I bought a year pass.  It is 495 HKD to get in for 1 day, and it is only 988 HKD for a year pass, so basically if I go twice in a year, it is a good deal.  The way I see it, if I feel like going to a different place for a walk with the little guy, we can go there, right?  I’m pumped!

So, was Hong Kong Disneyland any good?  Surely if my wife was told it sucks, it must suck, right?  Nope!  It was great!  It is a little smaller than Disney World (Florida), and Disneyland (Los Angeles), but it is still good nonetheless.  If you are comparing it to other Disney parks, then you will see a lot of similarities, just on a smaller scale (but not too small, in my opinion).  It is well-planned, has great “worlds” that were well thought-out and well-designed, and overall it is just right for a day.  Maybe if you have kids who need big roller coasters (teenagers, for example) you would want to go elsewhere, but if you want a theme park, and like the Disney movies, then you are in the right place at Hong Kong Disneyland.  The shows were great, the grounds were beautiful, and it is a nice getaway from the city.  It’s nice to “escape” occasionally – why not do it at Disneyland?

look at those flowers!
look at those flowers at the entry!
the little guy loved this parade
the little guy loved this parade
main street
main street
no Disney, thank YOU.
no Disney, thank YOU.

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