Day 56: Photos of the Baby Online

Something I have been wrestling with since I started this blog is the topic of whether or not to put photos of the little guy on the blog.  This question goes hand-and-hand with that of whether we should use names (instead of “my wife” and “little guy”).  Basically the idea of our privacy is the topic.

On the one hand, some of my favorite blogs about parenting have involved photos, and I think everyone appreciates blogs that have photos instead of only text – and who doesn’t like a cute baby photo?!  On the other hand, there is a growing movement of people who believe we are supposed to be careful about what we do with photos of our children, for a variety of reasons.  Basically children do not have a say in if his image will be posted online – after all, children have rights too, right?  And, who knows where a photo could end up once I put it on the blog?

When I started the blog I decided to keep it simple: no photos of him, me, or my wife.  And if photos of any of us would enhance the blog or make it easier to understand a point being made, then it would be right to add them.  There have been many times that I have almost posted a photo of him, or him and me, and then I thought, “nope, send it to the family instead.”  My decision was made without judgement of those other blogs or websites who do post photos – as I mentioned above, some of my favorite blogs regularly post photos of the people involved.  We will see how it goes – after all, some of the funniest and most interesting things to talk about come about from something that I have captured on photo or video.  And as they say, a photo is worth 1 000 words. 🙂


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