Day 61: A Parent’s Bond with their Child

This week a family member mentioned to me, “you and the little guy seem to have a really good connection.  I can see you get along well.”  That was a really cool statement, and it made me feel good – me and my son are getting along, and the bond that we are growing is visible.  It was not always this way, so it is nice to look back and smile at the progress we are making.

The connection you have with your children is likely important to all parents, and I have the lucky opportunity to be home with my son.  As a father, it is really hard to “break in” to the special bubble that the little one has with their mom – especially when they seek food and comfort from them exclusively for the first months.  I have come to realize it is not “breaking in” that needs to happen – the bubble just needs to get bigger, to be inclusive so that it encompasses all 3 of us.

When I think about it, it is really awesome to know that the little guy and I have a connection that we are building on and that will grow as we go forward in our lives.  But I also realize that this is not exclusive.  My wife is also connected very strongly with him individually, connected with me individually, and we are also connected as a family.  As long as we continue to grow our family on the base of love that means my wife and I do not measure our self-worth or how good we are as parents by how strong we perceive our bond to be with our child, we will be free of jealousy and all the other ugliness that could potentially be there.  And that will enable us to continue to grow in our bonds as a family – that bubble can grow exponentially. 🙂


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