Day 83: Upsides of Spring Rain

In Hong Kong, it has been very rainy lately.  When it rains here, it is usually in the following sequence:  cloudy, light mist, a little misc. rain, light rain, HEAVY RAIN!  So, you usually have about 3,5 seconds to prepare yourself once the light rain starts.  And if you have a child in a stroller, that “prepare yourself” means getting the rain cover for the stroller out and putting it on, making sure the little one is OK, and then getting your umbrella out while your back is getting soaked.

Although it rains a lot here, the non-European expats and the locals seem in general to not be used to it.  They are freaked out by it (tons of warnings issued all the time on the local weather service – so many it is hard to take any of them seriously), and they will not go anywhere.  Similar to the neurotic outlook about the air quality, only with rain.   So if you have any plans, and it is rainy, there is a good chance a lot of people will bail out on those plans.  They must all be made of sugar 😉

When it is this rainy, there is one major benefit: the temperature.  Not only is it cooler from these storm fronts coming thru, but there is also a nice breeze, and the mist and rain actually feel nice.  We are talking a drop from 30+ degrees to around 23 degrees, and this is significant.  On top of that there is no sun to worry about.  So, when I go out for walk #1 at around 7:30, it is invigorating and uplifting – as opposed to coming back exhausted and sweating as if I ran a marathon thru the Sahara Desert.  The storms also drop the humidity levels from unbearable to not-as-unbearable-but-still-enough-to-give-you-bad-hair, so while all the locals and non-European expats are hiding, me, the little guy, and my new European friends are really enjoying this rainy spell.  After all, you can’t stop living just because of the weather. 🙂


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