Day 87: How busy should your schedule be?

The schedule of me and the little guy is starting to get really full.  Mainly it is play dates, but there is also “kinder musik” and baby swim as well.  The play dates are anywhere from one other child to a whole group and range in their organization (from nonstop activities and singing to nothing special planned).  Some are near home and some are a bit of a journey to get to.

So, as I looked at my calendar tonight, I got to wondering – just how much is enough?  Is 1 social activity with other children a day enough?  Is it too much?  I was thinking about the people from smaller towns (less than 8 million that Hong Kong has), and I realized that surely they do not have all this opportunity to meet so many other children of the same age range – and they turn out fine, right?  Am I overdoing it, or should try to pack the schedule more?  

As it is now, I am thinking 1 “main event” a day is good, and then any other smaller get-togethers are a good add-on.  After all, we have a lot of good play time when it’s just the two of us, and that must be good, too, right?  On this topic I am not feeling nervous or worried, but it is funny to note that this is just one more thing that could lead to the eventual losing of my mind as a parent 😉


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