Day 91: looking for a “hip carrier”

As you probably know by now, we are often on the go using our Baby Bjorn.  We like it, but as the little guy gets older and heavier, we worry about all that weight as he “hangs” there.  Surely there are better options, right?

Yes there are!  There are some wonderful products developed first by a South Korean company called “I Angel”, where the baby is sitting on a little bump that is sitting on your hips.  So instead of all the weight being on your shoulders, the weight is on your hips.  And for the baby, the weight is also more naturally distributed as they are sitting.  The shoulder part is also removable and then hip part can be used as you carry the little one around house or anywhere else as you normally would.

So, we are in the market now for a hip carrier to use in Hong Kong.  We will still use the Baby Bjorn because we like that it also works for having the little one on the back.  But this hip seat will allow the little guy to sit instead of hang, and to not be right up against me in the hot heat.  I can see why so many people here use them, and I am eager to get my hands on one!

look how happy we could be!

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