Day 99: Perks of Traveling With a Baby

Although traveling with a baby is not always the easiest thing in the world, you find your rhythm eventually and can have some fun along the way.  Plus, there are a few perks – for example:

  • People are nice to you almost automatically. As long as you encourage your baby to participate in the world, instead of being just another hotel guest or tourist in a shop, you are (or more accurately, your baby is) now a celebrity – everyone loves to make a baby smile.
  • People smile your whole trip.  It’s hard to know if the people in Ho Chi Minh are nice or not, because I had a baby attached to my chest the whole time, so in my experience a huge proportion of the people there are super nice and always smiling.
  • Boarding the plane first.  This is not to be underestimated, especially when carrying a baby and the equips with you.   It is awesome to get on the plane before even the first class people get a chance toboard.
  • Baby gets their own checked bag for free.  This is a good thing because you will be bringing enough stuff for the baby that you will need a bag just for them anyway – but you can also not worry so much about if you should bring their extra sweater or toy – you have room, bring it!
  • Cutting the line at passport control, too.  Yep that’s right, in Vietnam we were asked to go into one of the special lines (like that deals with diplomats, for example) both on entrance and exit from the country.
  • Memories of the little guy when they traveled with you when they were tiny (and not old enough to have an opinion of where you go).  For example my wife took some photos of me with the little guy strapped to my chest, surrounded by Vietnamese women who were in love with him.  What a great story we will have for him later!
  • Traveling with the little ones surely helps babies to be more flexible later in life, right?  Learning to go anywhere, eat anywhere, and sleep anywhere is surely something that will come in handy as the little guy grows older.

There are probably millions of other perks of traveling with your baby – if I missed any top perks that you have identified, please comment and add your own!  The thing I encourage is all parents, everywhere, to be active and go places with your baby. You can still keep regularity with their schedules even if you are somewhere else, and I think it is good for them (and you) to not be stuck at home.  Make it a short trip within your town or a big trip across the globe – relax and have some fun!


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