Day 101: Teething

The little guy was sick at the end of last week, with fever, runny nose, and sluggishness.  It was not fun – it is never fun to see your little one in pain.

One thing that is weird is the symptoms that go along with the sickness he had are exactly the same as teething.  Apparently, the whole process of a new tooth coming in really takes a toll on the little ones’ systems.  As it is currently, the little guy still has a runny nose, and is very tired, and while he is awake he is more obsessed than ever on chewing on things.  So I am convinced he is just going thru teething, and that he will bounce back to normal and then we will see another phase of it later on.

So, what can you do to ease the teething pain?  There are a lot of things you can apparently do (and buy), but the best is just simply having things available for them to chew on.  Hard things, soft things, chewy things – it seems you need a variety so they can get what they need at that moment.  Just because something works one minute does not mean it will work the next, so I guess you just need to stay flexible, show love, caring, and empathy for the whiny little one, and you will make it thru it ok (I hope so, anyway!) 😉


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