Day 110: New Parents: We Are All Just Doing Our Best

Today I again attended a play group (gotta love them!), and once again met some really cool parents (all mothers, no fathers).  Afterwards, we chatted a bit and went to a good baby store in Central.

One thing I noticed in thinking back about the day is that we are all basically asking the same questions – and it happens in this way every time I meet new people.  When did you start feeding the baby solids?  Does your baby have teeth?  When did your baby start crawling?  Do you use a compact stroller in the city or carry your baby?  How often does your baby wake up at night?  And so on.  We are all so diverse, coming from all over the world, with crazy different backgrounds – yet we are all concerned about the same things.

I have a feeling the things we are concerned about are in our minds because we are told we should be concerned about them through the books we read, websites we visit, or midwives and doctors we talk with.  These are the things that I could not have ever imagined I would be concerned about or would be talking about before I became a dad.  But here I am, asking and answering the same questions all the moms are asking – because we all care.  After all, these questions are just the tip of the parenting “iceberg”, and we are all just doing our best in caring for our little ones. 🙂


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