Day 115: How to Make an Iced Coffee Frappe

Long ago I spent 6 weeks in Athens.  A lot of my time during the days was spent at bars, playing pool and drinking coffee.  The coffee was not your normal coffee, it was a frappe (not to be confused with a frappucino).  

I drank enough of these delicious drinks to watch the bartenders make them and learned how to do it.  It’s easier thank you think, and tastes great – even if you drink the decaf form like I do ;).  Follow the steps below!


add instant coffee to glass
add sugar to glass
use “milk frother” tool – these are really cheap hand-held battery operated devices
slowly work from bottom of glass to top with the frother – do not overdo it or the froth will get nasty (no more than 10 seconds on this step)
pour in milk, add ice, and enjoy


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