Day 129: The Value of Taking Parental Leave

Today I was explaining how the time I have spent with the little guy has become deeper and more meaningful now, when I have taken this time away from work to take care of him full time.  It makes sense, right?  When we are working (especially if you love working like I do), you get caught up in it – you might leave work for the night, but you never really leave work, if you understand what I mean.

But when you take time away from work specifically to care for this little person, when they come to rely on you to survive, and when you have nothing in your way, it can be life-altering.  Your priorities can shift in ways you hear might happen (but maybe never really believed), and your work life, while still important, does not seem like the most important thing on earth – perhaps because it isn’t, or shouldn’t be in the first place.

So, I can say to anyone who might be trying to figure out if they can take time away from work, to definitely give it a try.  Give yourself and your little one a chance to get to know each other, learn each other’s rhythm, and let your relationship with your son or daughter develop.  As they say, this time goes by quickly, so if you can, don’t let it pass by without that quality time!


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