Day 131: Diaper change? Good luck!

Tomorrow the little guy turns 8 months, and there are a lot of awesome things that come along with it.  For example, his personality is starting to shine thru even more, and he is moving quickly towards eating only solids.  He is also a lot more active, which is fascinating and interesting and scary all at the same time.

One new development is the battle that ensues when trying to change his diaper.  It started a while ago, when he would try to roll over or reach for something at the side.  But now it is a full-on battle.  

You can distract him by singing or giving him a toy, but this is short-lived.  He needs to be on his side or stomach, apparently, and it must happen NOW, while he is being changed.  Not in 1 minute, 30 seconds, or even 5 seconds.  Now!!

And good luck to me and my wife when changing him into clothes in the morning or changing him into pajamas at night.  It is becoming more and more difficult with him getting stronger physically and more opinionated about where he should be.  It is a good thing we started changing him on a mat on the floor a few months ago – it has happened more than once that he has been well into crawling away wearing nothing but his birthday suit, looking for adventure, as if to say, “who needs a diaper?  I’m ready to go!!”  If it were not so cute most of the time, we would be exhausted by it – I guess it is important to stay lighthearted about it and keep trying new things to keep him happy and/or distracted during changing times.  This one really keeps us on our toes!!


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