Day 144: Baby’s First Word?

Today we were laying in bed as a family, which has become a nice little morning routine while we are away from Hong Kong.  This morning, in the midst of the playing and crawling and clapping of hands, the little guy sat up, looked at his mom, and said “Momma.”  This wasn’t just babbling “mamammamamma” – it was straight up, looking at her and saying “Momma.”  My wife was tired and just laying there before this moment, but she sat up with excitement – it was cute.

We were a bit unsure if this is actually his first word, or if it was just a well-timed mini-babble.  But, after that, my wife said “daddy” – and he looked at me.  So it seems clear that he knows our names, and just chose her label as momma instead of the maybe more complicated “daddy”.  It didn’t hurt my feelings like I have heard can happen –  I am just pumped that he is starting to talk a little (it reminds me to really watch my cursing now).  Anyway, he has a special “momma connection” so, it is no surprise that it was momma before all else.

It’s crazy about these milestones and how / when they happen.  These are the things that happen in the midst of worrying about everything else – I’m just glad to be here for it all.  That’s a little bit about what Pappa Leave is all about, I guess. 🙂


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