Day 147: Simple Swedish Breakfast

There are a lot of different foods that are possibly eaten at a breakfast in Sweden, but the “everyday” breakfast is what I have come to enjoy.  When I moved to Sweden from the US, I ate cereal and maybe a banana for breakfast, but eventually I adopted a more Swedish yogurt and egg breakfast.

They sell yogurt by the liter here, and there are so many flavors it can make your head spin.  A lot of them have quite a bit of sugar, so I stick to natural most of the time.  When it comes to yogurt, there is also an option called “kvarg”.  There’s cooking kvarg and eating kvarg (I don’t know the difference); basically the kind you eat is a super dense version of yogurt.  So it’s like a thicker and less liquidy Turkish yogurt, with even more protein.

Eggs in Sweden are boiled either soft, medium, or hard, and served with caviar – and this is the only way they are cooked.  Not fried, scrambled, or any other variation.  Just boiled.  At first this was weird for me, now it’s something I have come to like (but I still fry an egg sometimes).  The caviar is a special and acquired taste, and it is somewhat salty and smoky most of the time, which I liked immediately and will sometimes eat on a sandwich, too.

Add to the breakfast some perfect sunshine and Swedish summer weather, and you are off to a great start to the day 🙂


yogurt, muesli, and swedish strawberries
kvarg, swedish strawberries & blueberries


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