Day 151: Åland

There is an island (or series of islands in an archipelago) between Sweden and Finland called Åland.  From Grisslehamn, it is a 2 hour ferry ride to the town of Ekerö, and then you can explore from there before returning in the evening.  Åland is technically the property of Finland, so the currency is Euro, but all the road signs are in Swedish.

Aboard the ferry, there are a lot of restaurants, some slot machines, and a very popular duty free store.  The duty free is like being at the airport, but the prices for most alcohol were nothing special – maybe beer and wine were a bit less expensive.  

On our trip, we went to a super cool hotel called Havsviden, which is fairly new and overlooks the ocean with a series of hotel villas.  The views are spectacular, and we had an amazing räkmacka (shrimp sandwich).  Then, we found our way back to the ferry while stopping at  Stallhagen Bryggeriet, a brewery.  They have a beer that is a recreation of a beer that was found in a shipwreck that was still preserved from the 1840’s.  Pretty cool!  

All-in-all, a pretty cool trip to yet another gorgeous place off the coast of Sweden.



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