Day 158: Taking the Train to Oslo with the Baby

Today was a long day.  We woke up and had a nice morning, and then we caught a 11:41 train from the town we were in to Oslo.  There was only one connection, but the whole journey was 10 hours.  With a baby. One who likes to crawl and move.  And explore his voice.

The first “leg” was only 3 hours, and during that time the little guy was happy to crawl around the area around the seat.  He was a little loud but there were two other babies who were louder, so he looked good 😉 (those poor passengers in a train with 3 babies!)

Then after a stop and change of trains in Stockholm, I fed him – and the next thing I knew he was sleeping like a champ.  He woke up and wanted to explore.  EXPLORE!  So he crawled around everywhere he could, as I followed him around like he was a puppy.  He crawled up to strangers, who he charmed into smiling at him, and basically by the end of the journey, even though he was relatively boisterous, he was a crowd favorite.  

There was a couple who were sitting diagonal from us (the row splits the seats so they look in opposite directions), and I think he helped convince the young woman to have a baby – he flirted with her the whole trip.

The only trip up was the last diaper change, which was a bit chaotic and messy, but I was overall very happy with how the journey went.  There is actually a little kid’s play area in the bistro car that I would like to share with the world and I will take a picture of it and do a post about it if they have it on the return train.  A play area for kids on a train?!  Only in Sweden.

See a few photos I took thru the window of the train of the Norwegian countryside!  It’s no Sweden, but still has a little beauty nonetheless 😉



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