Day 162: Practicing Standing

The last weeks, the little guy has become increasingly mobile.  He loves to crawl around and explore, and usually does so while he tries to carry a ball, toy, or found item with him.  While he has enjoyed standing for a while now, he has just today started doing a funny thing.

When he is standing, he will purposely drop down onto his butt.  For example if he is in the travel baby bed we borrowed (made by Baby Bjorn, super awesome), he will pull himself up so he is standing, and then he will let go with his hands, and of course micro-seconds later, he has landed on his butt.  He laughs about this, and while laughing, he then crawls back up into position, and the whole thing starts all over again.  He can do this over and over again, like it’s an amusement park ride and there is no line to wait in.

Of course at first I thought, “doesn’t that hurt?”  Then I realized that not only does he have the padding from the diaper and the bed if he is in there, but it is not a very far fall.  Additionally, he basically has little tumbles all the time when he is playing anyway, so doing a “controlled fall” must be kind of novel to him.  

I think he is learning about balance and is in the beginning stages of learning to stand up:  letting go and falling –> letting go and standing short term by learning what makes him not fall –> letting go and standing long term.  It’s fascinating how quickly these things come and go, and it’s crazy to imagine that in only 3 months he might already be in the beginning stages of walking.


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