Day 165: Frognerparken

Today was a gorgeous day in Oslo.  The sun was shining and it felt like that beautiful summer weather that you dream about during the winter (or if you live in brutally hot and humid Hong Kong).  So, we went out for a long walk, and then we ended up going to the park.

The park we went to is called “Frognerparken”, and it has numerous  sculptures by Gustav Vigeland.  These are nudes of men, women, and children that are famous in Norway, so of course the park in parts is filled with tourists.

In addition to the main area with the sculptures, the park has many nice green spaces, so you can easily find a spot to hang out in the sun or shade and enjoy the day.  The little guy and I found a great spot in the shade and played around.  It was fantastic.

I definitely recommend this park to anyone visiting Oslo who wants some time away from the other tourist stuff. See some photos below!   



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