Day 167: Off we Go (again)

Now we are back in Stockholm, and off we go into the air again tomorrow as a family back to Hong Kong.  The summer was great in Sweden and Norway, so I am glad we were able to come back and enjoy it and see family and friends.

My wife and I are excited to get back into a rhythm.  This means amongst other things, my getting to be around other parents with babies, and the little guy playing with those babies and getting that well-needed baby social time.  But also, just having routines and a “regular” life that is not defined by living out of a suitcase and asking “when does the train/airplane leave tomorrow?” or “where do we sleep tomorrow night?”

So, we have loaded our bags with things to bring back, which is mainly baby food and formula, and a new group of clothes for the little guy while we leave behind his “too small” clothes.  You know things are expensive in Hong Kong when you think that things are cheap in Sweden.  Let’s just hope that the little guy’s new affinity for crawling everywhere and “talking” loudly does not create a travel experience that is too stressful for us and the other travelers.


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