Day 175: Ninja Baby

It has happened a few times in the last week where I will have the little guy playing in front of me, and then I will twist over and back to check on something on the ipad (up on the sofa behind us) for a few seconds, and then BOOM!, there’s a little guy standing right next me, using the sofa for support, staring at me and laughing.  He will have gone from playing and crawling on the floor in front of me, to standing next to me without making a sound, in a matter of seconds, just like he’s some kind of ninja.  

In case you are skeptical that I am maybe just ignoring my son while I am looking at the iPad, I assure you this is not the case.  I have a “3 second max” approach to watching him at this age – I never let my eyes off him for more than 3 seconds (additionally, I am listening and keeping him in my peripheral vision).  My eyes are always darting to him when I am trying to multi-task, kind of like when you are driving and checking your mirrors.  So, I want to point out the timeline on this:

  • 0 seconds: son playing in front of me
  • 1 second: I am turned to the iPad, son playing in front of me
  • 2 seconds: I am turned to the iPad, son must be doing ninja moves outside my peripheral
  • 3 seconds: I am turned to the iPad and turn back to check my son, and there he is standing next to me

A few weeks ago, I wrote about his super human kung-fu grip.  Now, he’s got this ability to go into stealth ninja mode, so I’m starting to wonder about these super skills that he is starting to show.  If he can make himself invisible or fly, then I will be really freaked out. 😉


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