Day 184: “Let Me Feed Myself”, he says

Ok, ok, he didn’t literally say that.  But he might as well have.  My wife and I have noticed the little guy, now nearing 10 months old, has not been super happy to eat most things we try to feed him over the last week, with the exception of porridge (gröt in Swedish).  

Basically at meal and snack times, he eats a little bit and then he is annoyed with the process – so the next 5 minutes are a battle for 2 more spoonfuls.  We have chalked it up to the 6th tooth coming in soon, and/or a combination of that with a cold we think he might have (for him, symptoms of a cold are similar to a tooth on it’s way so it’s hard to know).

So tonight at dinner time, the same process started to happen.  He ate a little bit of the amazing baby food I made for him, and then the “annoyed baby” show began.  So we tried the old tricks to squeeze a few more bites in, but that was eventually stopped when he put his pacifier in and would not let it be pried from his mouth.

I was not too pumped.  We need the little guy to eat!  I noticed that he was reaching for my plate, towards my green beans.  They were sitting there like little pieces of green gold, just inches from his hand.  So I thought, “let’s see if he wants to eat this.”  

I handed him a green bean, and his tiny little baby hand took it, and he started to try to eat it (I say try because he can’t get thru the outer part).  He chewed on that one, and I placed another one in front of him, and he picked it up, happy as a clam, aand started to chew on it while “talking” to me and my wife.  He was laughing and enjoying the conversation with both of us, and even offered us the green beans to eat from hi hand, in what I think was an ironic joke he was playing on us.  He’s got a good sense of humor. 😉

Then it dawned on me.  It’s possible that now, as the little guy is more self aware, that he wants to do this whole eating thing on his own – at least part of the time.  So now, we walk forward into a whole new era with his development – we are off into the world where he wants to be involved with the feeding, wants to eat like his parents.  I am fearful of the table, the floor, and the wall behind his baby seat. For someone like me who likes thing clean, this is a scary thought.  Oh, before I forget, I also apologize in advance to any restaurants we go to for the next few years. 😉


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