190: Pillow Toast at Pokka Cafe, Tsing Yi

Today we had a nice morning with a leisurely walk around the neighborhood, followed by lunch and a nice trip to the Maritime Center Mall in Tsing Yi.

There has been a restaurant screaming my name since I first went to this mall, and this time we went there.  The restaurant is called Pokka Cafe; it’s a chain I think, and they serve creative contemporary Asian food dishes, as well as gorgeous and tasty desserts.  The service needs a little work, but nobody’s perfect I guess.

The item that has been really the reason I wanted to go to this restaurant is the “pillow toast.”  Unique for Hong Kong but similar to most restaurants if you were in Japan, they also have their menu molded very realistically in plastic (or something) in the front window.  It’s a way to get you to see what the food is like, much more effectively than pictures.  So anyway, they have this “pillow toast,” and it looked to me to be super awesome, so we had to go there.

How was it?  Amazing!  It’s like thicker crispier French toast with ice cream, some flavored thick cream (custard, I think they’d call it) and other things on it (depending on the variety you order).  I went with the “coffee custard diced pillow toast.”

See below for pictures, and if you are ever in Hong Kong, DO go to this place and give it a try! 


they have more than just pillow toast šŸ˜‰

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