Day 195: Porridge from Sweden

When we were back in Sweden, we bought all sorts of things to bring back to Hong Kong.  Baby food filled our suitcases, as did formula and new toys.  The porridge we have been using has kind of weird packaging for traveling with (cardboard with paper inside), so we didn’t want to risk it bringing too much back, in case it got too beat up and leaked everywhere.

Fast-forward to our panicked faces after 2 weeks went by and we no longer had porridge for the little guy, and the porridge we could get him here is much more expensive and not really exciting for him.  He will eat it, but just enough to stop being hungry – never really to the point of being satisfied like he does with our brand.

So, my wife went to the Swedish Supermarket in Hong Kong.  They are amazing and can get you a lot of different things that they do not stock, at fair prices (higher than Sweden, but compared to other western food in Hong Kong, relatively inexpensive).  Sure, they could get it for us.  But with one catch: we have to buy a full 12-pack box.

Hmmm, ok, so we need to buy 12 boxes.  We know he will eat it, so there’s no problem, right?  Yes there is.  In Hong Kong, if you store anything with ingredients containing grains in paper or cardboard, these tiny little bugs will get into it and contaminate it.  It is the weirdest thing.  You can’t even store things in plastic, come to think of it, so you basically have to store everything made of grain in one of two options: 1) glass containers, 2) refrigerator.  If you do this, you (and your food) are safe.

So, back to those 12 boxes of porridge.  Now we have them (4 days early!) so that means we have a new project for the weekend.  Get this food out of the packages and into glass storage containers and/or the refrigerator ASAP.  Nothing in Hong Kong is simple – and there is never a dull moment 😉


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