Day 197: Baby Bathtime

The little guy had a period there a few weeks ago where he really hated baths.  I mean he really hated them.  He would scream and kick and wriggle and would generally freak out.  I think it’s because he was not taking baths, but instead showers, when we were traveling this summer, so when it was time to go to the bath again, he was annoyed.  He hated showers and got used to them, now we were making him get used to baths again.  Can’t blame him!

Now the baths are lovely again.  He is laughing and giggling the whole time, and with a few toys in there with him, I think he could stay a very long time if we would let him.

Although the baths are now much more fun, there is now a new challenge.  Tonight we did the bath at the time he normally poops, and that’s what happened at the end of the bath.  We were playing and washing and things were great until we noticed him making that special face he makes.  I said, “is he pooping?!” My wife said, “yes, take him up!”  And the next few minutes were like a bad comedy, with me trying to hold the little guy over the toilet, then my wife trying to clean his butt with toilet paper.  Not his fault I guess, if his parents are going to bathe him at the same time that he normally goes to the bathroom, this is what we can expect, right? 😉


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