Day 209: Hong Kong Space Museum

Today I brought our visitors to the Hong Kong Space Museum.  I was excited because I remembered it being ok a few years ago, with some things that could be interesting to the visitors’ four-year-old.  

First, we went to what is easily my favorite Dim Sum place, Din Tai Fun, but I’ll talk about that another time.  So there we were, full of good food, ready to take this museum by storm.

We were excited at the low price (10 hkd / 1,5 usd / 11 sek).  But what we weren’t excited about was how run-down and relatively bare the museum was.  It just felt a little dirty, a little old, and a little un-inspiring.

The last thing is to me the most important.  For God’s sake, if you do one thing with a museum, it’s to make it inspiring.  You have the power with a museum to unlock minds, to basically change the world of the attendees.  You can plant seeds in the minds of the youngest visitors so that they will work towards those interests. 

It seems to me that there is kind of a big responsibility handed to museums culturally.  On this one, the museum world missed the mark.  I learned some interesting things, and there are some cool interactive bits, but that is where it ended.  We made the most of it and had a nice time, and then we were off again to the streets of the city to find what else it had to offer. 🙂


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