Day 219: A Long Loooong Night

I wrote yesterday about the little guy having some sickness in the form of a very stuffed nose.  That is an understatement.  I think little elves crawled into his nose and setup a glue and/or cement factory.  And the production methods at this factory is super effective.

Since the little guy was not feeling well, we had him in our bed, and that went well until about 3:45.  Then his restlessness was too much, and he was unable to sleep.  Basically we had a few good hours where he was sleeping, and then he could not breathe, so he was moving around trying to find a position where he could breathe.

The little guy, in-between us in bed, was loud (imagine a really loud snoring old man, then make him a baby and make it cute – but still loud).  He also moved around a lot (therefore kicking both of us in the face a bunch of times).  Finally we thought we would suck out his nose, to which he responed with complete terror, as usual.  It didn’t matter how many times we tried to suck it out, there was more snot in his nose.  And of course he didn’t sit still to let us get all of it out anyway.  

Then we finally tried to give him a bottle and put some saline drops in his nose.  That seemed to do the trick.  But then my wife says, “hey, the bed is really wet.  Like really wet, it’s soaked.”  To this I responded, “ok I get it, wet is wet,” and we had to change his diaper and I put a towel down under the sheet that wrapped around (so it was sandwiching the wet sheet) to get us thru until the morning.  

Changing his diaper and pajamas was so funny because he was sleeping really heavily all the sudden.  At this point my wife and I had to just laugh – it was so ridiculous how horrible our night had been going.  

We could have laughed when he kicked us in the face repeatedly, we could have laughed when he kept moving into new positions, we could have laughed when he peed through his diaper onto our bed – but it was the diaper and pajama change that made us laugh.

When we finally got to morning, my wife and I both said, “wow, that sucked.”  But the little guy had a good day somehow – his appetite is back, and he played and laughed a lot today.  Laughing was the key to making today good instead of seeming like an eternity.  My wife said, “it’s good we laugh, it’s not the only long night we will have.”  To that I said, “are you sure?  I think after they turn 11 months (on Saturday), we get full easy nights from then on.” 😉


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