Day 222: Fall Weather in Hong Kong and Sweden

Now that it is the 2nd week of October, the weather is really starting to get nice.  In the mornings and late afternoons, it is balmy but nice, like you are in the South of France.  Yes, it’s still 95% humidity, and yes it’s still 30 degrees, but somehow the “spike” to the max temperature seems shorter, and the comfortable weather seems to want to linger.  You actually want to eat at the outdoor cafes all along the water in Discovery Bay, where we live.

If we contrast that to Sweden, where temperatures are in the 10’s if you are lucky right now, and there might even be frost on the ground, this feels like paradise.  Soon it will be the most depressing time of the year there, with rain and darkness descending on the country, as everyone hibernates and prepares for the winter, when at least the snow offers some light reflection and brightens the place up.  They say that in the fall is when there are the most depression cases in Sweden.  They say it’s because people are depressed because of the depression they are going to feel coming up.  😉

Back to Hong Kong – I hear that the weather in Hong Kong stays very nice thru November, with temperatures cooling down a little more and the rainy days becoming more frequent.  It is funny how there is always something in Hong Kong that makes you want to be inside – the heat in the summer, the rain in the fall, the bone-cold humid and misty winters.  But as it is now, I fight that natural urge to want to find my way inside and I stay outside as much as possible.  Although with it getting cooler I found myself saying it’s maybe not warm enough to swim – wow, that means it’s time for a trip back to Sweden to gain perspective 😉


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