Day 232: At Least 2 Pacifiers in the Crib

When the little guy and many other babies wake up in the middle of the night, it’s often because they’ve lost their pacifiers.  This was the case for us for quite a few months until I got the wise idea to put at least one extra pacifier in the crib with him.

What happens is he will wake up but still have his eyes closed, and he will crawl around in a daze looking for his pacifier before he collapses back to sleep, as if he has been crawling across a desert looking for water.

So, when I place the extra pacifier into the crib with him, he often finds it right away, and then he continues to sleep.  This also helps my wife and I so we can continue to sleep too ;). 

This method has led to two interesting habits for the little guy.  First, I will often find him sleeping while holding the spare pacifier – and then if he somehow loses the one in his mouth he has a spare in his hands.  And second, when he wakes up in the morning he often lays there playing with the second pacifier.  Kind of an odd solution for preventing a waking baby, but it seems to work for us!


3 thoughts on “Day 232: At Least 2 Pacifiers in the Crib

  1. Did you guys sleep train your little guy? I am at a cross roads and I don’t know what to do, on one hand, I really want to sleep more than 3 hours a night, on the other, I know my little guy will only be little for a short time and soon won’t need me as much. I am trying to ask other parents what they did to get their little ones to sleep through the night. Thank you!


    1. We did a bit of sleep training when he was younger so he had a clear routine for the evening and bedtime. Also important was to put him to bed drowsy but not sleeping, so he didn’t wake up and wonder where we are. For the evening, we give him a bottle at bedtime, and then one as a dreamfeed when we go to bed a few hours later.

      Generally with sleep training for the little ones, I think it’s all about routines and making sure they eat enough during the day so they can make it thru the night. I explained it to my friend a few weeks ago that it’s like filling up a tank of gas – each meal must sustain the little ones until the next meal, but also add an extra bit of fuel to the “night tank”.

      With this approach we usually have the little guy sleeping from 8 pm -6 am. I hope this helps!!

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