Day 234: Long-Haul Day Flights vs Long-Haul Night Flights with a Baby

We made it to Stockholm, on our first direct flight from Hong Kong to Stockholm.  Usually we have to connect via Munich, Zurich, or Frankfurt – meaning the journey can end up being around 24 hours if there are any delays.  But with this direct flight, we have a breezy 10,5 hours locked in a flying tube of metal with our baby and a bunch of strangers.

The only catch: it’s a day flight, the others are night flights.

No big deal, right?  Ha!  Yes it is.

With a day flight: you have to entertain, play, and otherwise keep the little one occupied in very little space.  Not much room to crawl and otherwise explore without disturbing the others (which we did a little of anyway, just so he could get some crawling time in).  The sleep time is typical nap time – ranging for us from 1-2,5 hours.  So both my wife and I got to watch 2 movies – which is a huge thing if you have a baby.


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