Day 259: Just Throw It!

The little guy is coming along in his development.  For example, he is now in a really cool phase where he simply throws everything he is done with.  

Done with that bottle?  Just throw it!  How about that hand full of peas?  Just throw it?  What about your pacifier?  No problem, just throw it!  Everything he can possibly hold is a potential thing to throw – let’s hope this is a short phase. 😉


2 thoughts on “Day 259: Just Throw It!

  1. Purple People Breeder says:

    Oh god, not a short one i can assure you. Started at aprox. 9-10 month for us and is still going, we are 16 month old now. But there is improvement, i mean we got him 80 little color full balls to throw, he throws the other stuff all the same, but he learned to throw the balls to us and play with us.

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