Day 280: Munchkin Miracle 360 Cup: The Best Cup in the World (for a toddler)

A few months ago, we noticed the little guy was not really drinking water well out of the sipper training top to his bottles.  We tried a few different variations and sippy cups, but none of them worked for various reasons.  We ended up giving him water from a bottle, because we knew then he would not spill down his chest (can’t spill water down your chest in cold weather!).  But we knew this was not a sustainable solution; we needed to train the little guy for drinking from a cup.

Off I went to the baby store.  There, in the aisle amongst literally dozens of sippy cups (with straw, without straw, soft top, hard top, and on and on), was a lone wolf.  This loner was different than all the rest, because it is not your typical sippy cup.  See the picture and you’ll understand what I mean – kind of.miracle_sippybluearrows_1

Basically, it is super advanced cup where the little one has to drink the water out while holding it up – and they have to use the same muscles with their mouth that they use when they will eventually drink from a regular cup.  The top is silicon, and that is what holds the liquid in, and then it lets out fluid when they drink correctly.

This cup is easily one of the top 10 things we have bought for the little guy.  He likes it and thinks it is fun, and once I showed him how to use it he got the hang of it very quickly.

My only frustration is when the cup drops, because of the silicon lid, the water spills out all over the place – like the “splat!” that you would imagine would happen when a kid drops a cup, but in this case the liquid actually goes out.  It does not normally spill (you can hold it upside down without a drop coming out), it’s just when it hits the ground that it spills.  Otherwise it’s awesome (toddlers have to learn not to throw / purposely drop cups too, right?) and I really recommend it to anyone!


2 thoughts on “Day 280: Munchkin Miracle 360 Cup: The Best Cup in the World (for a toddler)

  1. We have this cup too…after filling up a cupboard with 100s of others we found this and loved it! My little boy drinks from an open cup at meal times now, just with a couple of cm of water in, and manages really well. I’m sure this cup has helped!

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