Day 282: The Weather Gets Colder

Winter weather is setting in here in Hong Kong, and you can feel a chill in the air.  Until last week, the weather was nice and fairly warm, but now it is colder.  For some people, it is down jacket weather – these are the people I think have lived here for a while and are used to warmer weather, after all, it is still 15 degrees c (59 f).

In Sweden, this is not too far from summer weather, but the air is more humid here, making the temperatures feel colder.  Maybe this is why so many people seem to be over-dressing their kids.  The interesting thing as a parent is seeing how people are dressing their kids for this weather.

On my walks with the little guy, I have seen the same variation to the adults.  Some kids are dressed as if it is below zero, and some are in lighter weight clothing.  As for the little guy, he has been pulling off his socks, so I take that to mean that he does not think he needs them – but otherwise he is happy with pants, a long-sleeve top, and a hoodie, and then a blanket.  It is hard to know what is enough for clothing for your little one when it cools down a bit, but I guess they will tell you one way or another if you pay attention.


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