Day 284: The Most Popular Rain Cover Ever

As an active family, we are always going out and doing what we can so we are not staying in the house.  That means we are also not afraid to go out in the rain.  Even though I am American, this one has been drilled into me long before the little one arrived, with the saying, “there’s no bad weather, just bad clothes” repeated by my wife.

When you have a little one and you are not the “stay at home” type, you then need to have the full gamut of gear for heading into the weather.  That includes a good rain cover for your stroller, especially now as the rain is colder in Hong Kong, so it is more important that the stroller is dry.

There are a bunch of cheap rain covers on the market, made of some kind of plastic-y material that is see-through, but it is super bulky.  So bulky that if you plan to go out with it, you better not plan to take anything else with you.  But that is not the case with the one we have.

This rain cover is popular with everyone we walk by.  That is because the little guy, who is sitting inside in the stroller, is peeking out the “window” of it, looking around.  People think it’s so cute, and they point, tell their friends to look, and take pictures.  The little guy likes it too, I think because it is nice and cozy inside – so everyone wins.IMG_0928

The cover is made by Elodie Details.  They also make really good pacifier clips.  Their prices are not cheap, but I guess that’s what happens when you get a good, high-quality, well-designed product.  You get what you pay for, especially when you are talking about baby accessories.


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