Day 286: what’s the deal with compression socks when you fly?

Now we are back in Sweden after a relatively smooth flight.  I realized again on this flight that with a child, you just have to give up on the idea of getting any sleep unless it is a short nap – the rest of the time you spend playing and interacting with your little one, just like you would at home.  This also leaves a lot of time to wonder about things.  Like, what’s up with compression socks?

My wife is possibly the biggest fan of compression socks.  Therefore I now have a pair, and I wore them today for the second time.  

They are basically knee-socks, that are tight and warm.  They are supposed to help circulation and all sorts of other things, but they oddly feel like they are cutting off your circulation.  Without them, your feet or legs might swell up a bit.  With them, they don’t seem to.  

I think there is some debate about if you should wear them, but I basically go with the “better safe than sorry” mentality.  So now I’m one of those guys wearing the weird socks on the plane (there are a lot of us!) – but you’d never know, I never take my shoes off when I fly.  That’s a whole separate blog post. šŸ˜‰


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