Day 301: holidays memories

We all have memories of various holidays from when we were younger.  Hopefully for most people they are good memories, but they can carry with them the range of emotions depending on where you are in your life.  For examples, I can remember every Christmas I have celebrated as an adult with my extended family, and what was happening for me emotionally at that time -and some of those holidays were really hard for me.

What is crazy to me is that the nostalgic memories we create from the holidays come from a time period  are really not very long in terms of the range of days.  We are talking just a few days, yet we pack the memories into them.  As kids we seem to absorb a lot of memories from those few days – yet you couldn’t even remember your mom told you to clean the room at the time.

So these days go by quickly, wrapped in new family memories being created, although they are packed into just a few days, and these memories stick with us.  These memories become more and more romantic as the years go by.  It’s crazy how the mind works.


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