Day 312: First Time Sledding

Today my son got to do one of the greatest things I can remember doing as a child: go sledding.  In the midst of the snowy days of the cold winters growing up, it was always a welcome distraction to go running up a hill, then sit on a sled and ride down it, then repeat until we were wet, frozen, and exhausted.

We have a large back yard, with a part at the edge that goes gradually down hill.  It is perfect for young children, who don’t need too much of an incline to be thrilled, and for the parents who don’t need too much of an incline either ;). 

Bundled up like the younger brother from “A Christmas Story,” we went out this morning.  Pulling the little guy up and down the hill was a real treat.  He liked it and squealed with joy, althewhile seeming to be amazed and confused about what he was experiencing.  I have a feeling this is just the beginning of many days out sledding with him, and that’s just fine with me 🙂 

our sledding hill

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