Day 318: Toddler Slobber

There is something that parents rately talk about, and even more rarely mention to their childless friends and family.  That thing is baby, and more specifically toddler, slobber.

When they are babies it’s cute and harmless, after all the little bundles can’t have any germs if they are just laying there, right?  But then they start eating solids, crawling, and then walking, and the slobber increases.

When I talk about slobber, I’m referring to the general wetness in the mouth/neck area that toddlers have.  It increases when they are teething and sick, and can also catch you off-guard when playing, cuddling, etc.

The little guy has recently decided he wants me to share with him.  So he “feeds me” portions of his food, which I can normally simply act like I’m eating and that is sufficient – but I can’t escape the slobber that is on it and his fingers.

The same thing applies to the kisses the little guy has so lovingly decided I deserve. These are some wet kisses, and they are cutely applied all over my face.

I caught myself today to realize that I don’t even think twice about this slobber.  I’ll eat the food if he puts it in my mouth, I’ll let my face get totally slobbered on, and I don’t think it’s gross, weird, or disturbing.  I don’t get bothered by it because I love my son, I love that he wants to kiss me, and I love that he thinks sharing is fun.  If he drools all over me when we are playing, I see that as a sign of some good play being had, and keep on going.  

Although it doesn’t bother me, it’s handy to keep a pack of tissues in my pocket – just because it doesn’t bother me, it does not mean I don’t wipe it off 😉


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