Day 325: Toddler Sleep Training

I wrote that this week I was dedicated to getting the little guy’s sleep patterns sorted.  This involves getting the naps, waking time, and sleeping time on a regular routine, as well as getting the bedtime routine normalized, and making sure that during nighttime wake-ups that it is “strictly business” and goes smoothly.

None of these things are easy because they are all intertwined.  We have some bedtime routines that we have always done, but what happens when the little guy tries to start them 1,5 hours before bedtime?  And naps – if he shows he is tired at 11, and you are trying to get the nap to be at 13:00, what do you do? (Let him take a really really short one at 11).  The goal is to get the naps from 2 to 1 a day, which is what I think he is telling us by waking up during the night when he has 2 naps during the day.

All of this is super fun to deal with, of course ;). Nobody ever said parenting was easy.


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