Day 330: grandparents and their grandson

Today we had a nice day with family on both sides involved.  We started with a proper smorgåsbord at my wife’s sister’s, and ended the day with my parents, who are on a short visit from the US, playing with the little guy.

It is hard to explain the joy I have in my heart when I see my son playing with his family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins).  To see him playing, for example running around the table, waiting to be chased by my mother while squealing with laughter, it is something I will burn into my memory for the future.  To see it, and to enjoy the happiness of everyone is the kind of thing that you hope for and when it happens, it is special.  

I guess to people who have family around, it is probably easy to take these things for granted.  But to me, I really cherish it, and I hope they, and my son do too. 🙂


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